Redneck Muslim explores the intersection of American Muslim and Southern cultures, opening an urgently needed cross-cultural inquiry about racial justice at a time of deep polarization and increasingly strident white nationalism.


PBS spoke with Director and Producer Jennifer Maytorena Taylor and film subject Shane Atkinson on the making of "Redneck Muslim."​


The Atlantic interviewed Shane Atkinson for an installment of Atlantic Selects,  a showcase of short films curated by The Atlantic.


 Shane Atkinson shares the story of his journey to Islam from his beginnings as a Southern Baptist in the Deep South on Diffused Congruence Podcast.



Imam Shane Atkinson is from a Southern Baptist background and grew up in Jackson, Mississippi.  He sat with spiritual teachers from the major religious traditions over a ten-year period and accepted Islam in 1999. 

Imam Shane was trained as a professional Chaplain at UNC Medical Center and as a Sustained Dialogue Moderator by the Sustained Dialogue Institute of Washington, DC. He was endorsed as an Imam by As Salaam Islamic Center in 2015 and holds an Ijaza to teach theology, law, and spirituality. 

Shane serves as  Elon Universities Muslim Life Coordinator, an Associate Imam at As Salaam Islamic Center, and is a certified facilitator of the Foccus and ReFoccus pre-marital and marriage coaching programs.